Trading desk in Germany

Statkraft Markets GmbH is an important centre for energy trading in Europe. (Photo: Sabine Grothues)

Statkraft Markets GmbH opened its office in Düsseldorf in September 1999. Focusing on generation and trading we are actively participating in the shaping of a thriving pan-European wholesale, spot and forward market for power fuels and CO2. Since October 2007 we have also been a power generating company.

Statkraft Markets GmbH serves as a centralised trading hub for Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

One of our core businesses is trading and sales of electricity, fuels and CO2, with a list of customers that count distributors, other traders, industrial consumers and power producers.

You can read a full presentation of our products and services for the professional market here.

Since January 2009 Statkraft operates in total 10 hydro power (9 run-of-river and 1 pumped-storage), 4 gas power and 2 biomass power stations in Germany. The operation of these power stations is optimised by the Dispatch department in the Düsseldorf office.

You can find more information on Statkraft's German website.