Eiriksdal and Makkoren

Eiriksdalen and Makkoren from above

Statkraft is developing constructing two new hydropower plants in the Høyanger-area: Eiriksdal and Makkoren. The plans, which include major environmental improvements from the existing power plant scheme, are a result of close dialogue with local authorities, environmental organizations and stakeholders.

Statkraft took over the three plants K1, K2 and K3 in 1998, and has since then developed and received a license for a complete upgrade of the hydropower scheme. Seeking to maximize both environmental performance and power generation capacity, Statkraft has considered a number of alternatives.

Chosen alternative

For example, one alternative was to construct a single new power plant, with an intake in Lake Høgsvatn and outflow to the sea. However, this alternative would further reduce water flow in the already impacted Dale River, a habitat for Atlantic salmon and a much used river for recreational fishing. Based on extensive stakeholder consultations, openness towards alternatives and implementing State of The Art Eco-hydraulic models, an alternative was developed. In the chosen alternative, the three old power plants will be demolished, natural landscapes will be restored; air grid replaced by cabling and close to 70% of the natural flow will be restored to the Dale river.

Below ground

The two new power plants Eiriksdal and Makkoren, to be built below ground, will increase the power generation in the Høyanger hydropower scheme with about 110 GWh. Annual average generation will then be around 1055 GWh/year.