CERAN Hydropower

Ownership: 5% owned by Statkraft Energias Renováveis, which is 81.3% owned by Statkraft.
Production: 1507 GWh
Powery: 360 MW

CERAN – Energetic Complex of Antas River – is located on the mid-section of the Rio das Antas river in the northeastern region of the State of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

The complex comprises three plants, HPP Monte Claro (130.0 MW), HPP Castro Alves (130.00 MW) and HPP 14 de Julho (100.00 MW). The project has a total of 360 MW and its main characteristics are the following: 

Name Capacity (MW) Flooded area Dam type Max. height


HPP Castro Alves 130 5 km2 RCC 50 m


Francis (3)
HPP 14 de Julho 100 6 km2 RCC 42 m Subterranean Kaplan (2)
HPP Monte Claro 130 1.4 km2 RCC 27 m Semi-sheltered Kaplan (2)