Ås District Heating

Ås fjernvarme.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 42 GWh
Power: 16 MW

The district heating plant in Ås in Follo Municipality in Akershus County has a 10 MW bio boiler with smoke gas condenser, to be fired with forest waste, besides a 6 MW bio boiler that can be fired with bio oil. In addition, the plant has a 12 MW gas or oil boiler as backup load.

The district heating network runs over 10 kilometres, including a route of two kilometres at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Heat deliveries will be 42 GWh and provide an annual 10,000 tonnes of CO2 output saved. The furnace is based on bioenergy in the form of moist wood chips and other forest waste.

The plant's renewable energy share is expected to be greater than 97 percent.