Aurland III

A fjord in Aurland.

Ownership: 7 %
Production: 70 GWh
Power: 270 MW

The development in Aurlandsdalen forms an intricate system of dams, tunnels and power stations. The same water is used several times as it passes through the different the power stations on its way down from the mountain plateau to the fjord.

Aurland III is a hydropower plant at lake Vetlebotnvatn in Aurland in Sogn og Fjordane County. The power plant was opened in 1979 and is a combined power plant/pumped storage power plant. During summer, water is pumped from lake Vetlebotnvatn up to lake Nyhellervatnet. The water is then used for electricity production in the same plant during winter.

Two reversible Francis turbines utilises a gross head of 400 metres from lake Nyhellervatnet.