Grytten power plant i Romsdalshorn.

Ownership: 88 %
Production: 514 GWh
Power: 126.3 MW

Grytten power plant lies at the foot the Romsdalshorn mountain in the municipality of Rauma in Møre og Romsdal County.

The power plant collects water from Mardalsfossen, one of Norway's highest waterfalls. The power plant collects water from lakes Olaskardsvatnet, Fetjåvatnet, Mongevatnet via Monge pump station, Grøttavatnet, Rangavatnet, Nedre Mardalsvatnet via Mardal pump station, and Fossafjelltjødna. Grøttavatnet is regulated between 980 and 930 metres above sea level. Parts of the catchment area lie in Nesset municipality and are transferred from the Eikesdal river system to the power plant which then discharges the water into the Rauma river.

The power plant has a Pelton turbine of 149 MW and is owned 88 per cent by Statkraft and 12 per cent by Tafjord Kraft. The power plant started production in 1977.