Jukla power plant.

Ownership: 85.06 %
Production: 54 GWh
Power: 40 MW

Jukla power plant is located in Kvinnherad Municipality in Hordaland County. The power station exploits an elevation difference from the regulation reservoir in lake Juklavatn. Water is also collected from reservoirs in lakes Dravladalsvatn Jukladalsvatn and Kvanngrøvvatn as well as a few stream intakes.

The cathment area encompasses the north west and north side of the Folgefonna glacier in Kvinnherad Jondal and Ullensvang municipalities. Lake Juklavatn is regulated between 1060 and 950 metres above sea level. Lake Dravladalsvatn between 957 and 880 metres above sea level. Lake Jukladalsvatn between 1083 and 950 metres above sea level. When the water has been used in the power station it is pumped onwards for use in Mauranger power plant.

The power station started production in 1974 and has an installed capacity of 40 MW. Statkraft'’s subsidiary Skagerak Energi also has a shareholding in Jukla power plant.