Sima hydropower plant.

Ownership: 65 %
Production: 2728 GWh
Power: 1120 MW

Sima is a hydropower plant in Simadalen in Eidfjord Municipality in Hordaland County. The power plant consists of two parts, Lang-Sima and Sy-Sima.

The power plant has an extensive tunnel and reservoir network, the largest reservoirs being Langvatn, Rundavatn, Rembesdalsvatn and Sysenvatnet. All these reservoirs have rockfill dams. The power plant regulates and partially drains the waterfalls Vøringsfossen, Stykkjedalsfossen and Rembedalsfossen.

This power plant is Norway's second largest measured in installed capacity. Production started in 1980.

Sy-Sima has two turbines with a combined output of 620 MW. Lang-Sima has two turbines with a combined output of 500 MW.