Landscape in Peru

Statkraft is one of the largest producers of hydropower in Peru. (Photo: Statkraft)

Statkraft is today the fifth largest electricity producer in Peru.

Statkraft has been active in the country since 2003 when Statkraft's subsidiary SN Power acquired 100 per cent of the shares in Cahua S.A., a Peruvian hydropower company. In 2007, the company further strengthened its presence in the country and became the fifth largest electricity producer through the acquisition of Electroandes S.A.

Statkraft operates eight hydropower plants and holds a number of both permanent and temporary concessions for the development of greenfield hydropower projects in the country.

Currently, the focus in Peru is to develop the 168 MW greenfield project Cheves.

  • Arcata

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 33 GWh Power: 5.05 MW Arcata is located in Arequipa region, 230 kilometres to the south of Arequipa city. The Arcata...

    Arcata Hydropower Plant with grass in the sides Hydropower
  • Cahua

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 290 GWh Power: 45.38 MW Cahua is located 260 kilometres to the north of the city of Lima and 60 kilometres from the...

    Water flowing at Cahua Hydropower Plant Hydropower
  • Cheves

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 840 GWh Power: 176.35 MW Cheves is located 130 kilometers north of the capitol Lima, on the Huaura river in Peru. The...

    Pool of mint green water in Cheves Hydropower
  • Gallito Ciego

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 156 GWh Power: 38.15 MW Gallito Ciego is located 252 kilometres to the north of the Cajamarca city. The plant is located...

    Aerial photo over Gallito Ciego Hydropower Plant Hydropower
  • La Oroya

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 63.6 GWh Power: 9.48 MW La Oroya hydropower plant is located in the Santa Rosa de Sacco district in the Junin region, at...

    Beautiful white house with blue details at La Oroya Hydropower
  • Malpaso

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 261 GWh Power: 48.02 MW The Malpaso hydropower plant is located in the Paccha district in the region of Junin region, at...

    Malpaso hydropower plant in the mountains Hydropower
  • Pachachaca

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 49 GWh Power: 9.65 MW The Pachachaca hydropower plant is located in the Yauli district in the Junin region, at 4,031...

    Pachachaca Hydropower Plant Hydropower
  • Pariac

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 30 GWh Power: 4.95 MW Pariac is located in the province of Huaraz, on the left bank of the Pariac river, at 3,337 metres...

    Waterfall in the mountains at Pariac Hydropower Plants Hydropower
  • Yaupi

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 809 GWh Power: 113.68 MW The Yaupi hydropower plant is the second largest power generating plant operated by Statkraft...

    Yaupi Hydropower Plant seen from above with surrounding green fields Hydropower