La Oroya

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 63.6 GWh
Power: 9.48 MW

La Oroya hydropower plant is located in the Santa Rosa de Sacco district in the Junin region, at 3,694 metres above sea level. It is the oldest plant operated by Statkraft Peru, because it turned 100 years of operation in 2014.

La Oroya receives the water from the hydraulic sub-system of the Pachachaca hydropower plant, property of Statkraft Peru. The water used in Pachachaca is discharged into the Yauli river, and then taken in again at the cut-off intake and channeled to the Taza Oroya forebay. Finally, the water is conveyed to the powerhouse through a penstock. La Oroya is equipped with three generating units.