• Ambuklao

    Ownership: 50 % Production: 332 GWh Power: 105 MW Ambuklao is located in the province of Benguet, upstream the Binga power plant. The plant was shut...

    Beautiful view of Ambuklao power plant over green highlands, rivers and blue sky Hydropower
  • Binga

    Ownership: 50 % Production: 414 GWh Power: 100 MW The Binga hydropower plant is built immediately downstream of the Ambuklao hydropower plant and the...

    Mint green pool at Binga power plant​ Hydropower
  • Magat

    Ownership: 50 % Production: 1083 GWh Power: 360 MW The Magat hydro power plant in the Philippines is served by a large reservoir with a usable storag...

    Magat Hydroelectric Power Plant by the sea Hydropower