Brynge power plant

Statkraft is the fourth largest energy company in Sweden. Pictured is the Brynge power plant in Northern Sweden. (Photo: Statkraft)

Statkraft Financial Energy and Statkraft Sverige AB are wholly-owned subsidiaries in the Statkraft Group.

Statkraft Financial Energy is a Swedish company with license from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to trade electricity and execute portfolio management services for clients. The staff has experience from physical power production, financial power market, commodity market and interest and FX market.

Statkraft Sverige AB's focus areas include the operations and maintenance of hydropower plants in Sweden along with related water planning and management.

Statkraft Sverige AB and Statkraft Financial Energy are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Statkraft Group.

Statkraft is currently the fourth largest energy company in Sweden, owning and operating 58 power plants. The hydropower plants are organized under Statkraft Sverige AB, which focuses on operation and maintenance of hydropower plants in Sweden and the associated planning and administration of catchment area.

Statkraft also has several wind power projects in cooperation with SCA andh Södra Skogsägarna in Sweden.

In addition, Statkraft owns and operates five district heating plants in Sweden.

You can find more information on Statkraft's Swedish website.

  • Åby

    Åby is a run-of-river hydropower plant in the river Lagan.

    Åby run-of-river hydropower plant by the river Lagan Hydropower
  • Åmål District Heating

    The district heating plant in Åmål Municipality i Västra Götaland County in Sweden came online in 2005.

    Åmål District heating
  • Ängabäck

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 28 GWh  Power: 7 MW Year of construction: 1952 Aggregate: Two Kaplan turbines Drop height: 7 metres Location: Markaryd...

    Ängabäck's two Kaplan turbines Hydropower
  • Anundsjö

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 26 GWh Power: 5 MW Year of construction: 1953 Aggregate: One Francis turbine Drop height: 61 metres Location: Örnsköldsv...

    Anundsjö seen from above Hydropower
  • Bassalt

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 40 GWh Power: 8 MW Year of construction: 1910 Aggregate: Four Francis turbines Drop height: 10 metres Location: Laholm...

    Bassalt is a beautiful building made of bricks Hydropower
  • Båtfors

    Ownership: 6.6 % Production: 201 GWh Power: 42 MW Year of construction: 1962, rebuilt 2006 Aggregate: Three Kaplan turbines Drop height: 16.9 metres...

    Water flowing at Båtfors hydropower plant Hydropower
  • Bergvattnet

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 93 GWh Power: 21 MW Year of construction: 1968 Aggregate: Francis turbine Drop height: 76 metres Location: Norråker,...

    Bergvattnet seen from the lake Hydropower
  • Björkhöjden Wind Farm

    Björkhöjden wind farm is located in Sollefteå Municipality in Västernorrland County, and Ragunda Municipality in Jämtland County.

    Björkhöjden wind farm. Wind power
  • Björna

    Ownership: 90.1 % Production: 79 GWh Power: 17 MW Year of construction: 1986 Aggregate: Two Francis turbines Drop height: 39 metres Location:...

    Björna hydro power station seen from above Hydropower
  • Bjurfors Nedre

    Ownership: 100 % Production: 348 GWh Power: 78 MW Year of construction: 1959 Aggregate: Three Kaplan turbines Drop height: 20 metres Location: Vindel...

    Bjurfors Nedre under a blue sky Hydropower