News 2014/2013

  • Draft tube installed at Nedre Røssåga

    2014.08.15 news

    The upgrade of the Nedre Røssåga power plant from 1955 and construction of a new power station is Statkraft’s largest rehabilitation project this year. This summer a giant draft tube is being installed at the new power station.

  • Summer students present battery storage opportunities

    2014.08.14 news

    On the 14th of August the summer students presented their findings on battery storage opportunities for Statkraft to the corporate management team in Oslo.

  • Chasing new ideas

    2014.07.31 news

    Do we have to choose between economic growth and dealing with climate risk? The question is explored in a new article collection published by Statkraft.

  • Big impact on small communities is our corporate opportunity

    2014.07.03 news

    Corporate Responsibility is often seen as a duty, an obligation that companies need to comply with. I like to think of it also as a corporate opportunity. Acting responsible in the socities we operate offers a great many opportunities to understand the challenges on the ground and to perform better.

  • Kick-off for summer project in Düsseldorf

    2014.06.23 news

    "Future Development of Energy Systems: A Case of Battery Storage" is the name of this year's summer project. For the first time ever the project is located outside of Norway, in Düsseldorf.

  • Mörttjärnberget wind farm put into operation

    2014.06.06 news

    Mörttjärnberget wind farm, part of one of the largest wind power investments in Sweden, was inaugurated 4 May. The park consists of 37 wind turbines, expected to produce about 280 GWh a year, which corresponds to household electricity in 56,000 Swedish villas or 140,000 apartments.

  • Engineers of tides

    2014.05.20 news

    High and low water, the weather and the wind governs the working day for Mark Williamson, marine coordinator at the Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm.

  • Statkraft enters into 88MW solar PPA

    2014.05.06 news

    Statkraft has entered into a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the renewable energy generated from an 88 MW (megawatt) portfolio of six utility-scale photovoltaic solar power plants across the UK.

  • Researching for the future

    2014.04.30 news

    Where will the next big flood in Norway be? What if the Himalayan glaciers melt? Is building hydropower plants in Turkey profitable? These are some of the questions R&D programme manager Uta Gjertsen is trying to answer.

  • Fatal accident in Albania

    2014.04.30 news

    On Tuesday 29. April, at 17:20 a fatal working accident occurred with work carried out for the Devoll project in Albania. The accident happened when three workers were hit by a rock slide while securing the slopes along the public road leading to our project area for Moglice hydropower plant in the Devoll valley, southern Albania.