News 2014/2013

  • UK onshore wind project sold

    2014.03.14 news

    Statkraft UK has completed the sale of its 50 per cent share in Barmoor Wind Power Ltd, the company that owns the six turbine Barmoor wind farm project. The project has been sold to EDF Energy Renewables.

  • Statkraft launches an ecological mapping in Ljungan

    2014.03.02 news

    Statkraft is launching a project together with other stakeholders to study the ecology downriver Viforsens power plant. The aim of the project is to evaluate how the physical conditions, such as water flow and bottom structure, affect the ecology of the area.

  • Warning birds with UV lights

    2014.02.27 news

    A pilot project in Smøla will examine whether ultraviolet (UV) light can reduce the risk of birds colliding with wind turbines.

  • Germany's largest "power plant"

    2014.04.02 news

    Statkraft's virtual power plant, now at more than 5,000 MW, has a larger capacity than the largest nuclear and coal power plants in Germany.