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  • Statkraft halts osmotic power investments

    2013.12.20 news

    For more than a decade, Statkraft has developed osmotic power. The ambition has been to develop a competitive, new technology for production of renewable energy within 2020. Statkraft will now discontinue its efforts and leave the technology development to other players in the global market.

  • Investing in veterans

    2013.12.11 news

    The era of major hydropower developments in Norway is over. Instead, Statkraft faces a time of major renovations and is reinvesting NOK 12 billion in upgrading power plants.

  • Statkraft presents climate for business leaders

    2013.11.29 news

    A new report commissioned by Statkraft disseminates the very latest climate science into a clear and digestible read for business leaders. The report highlights the urgency of climate action.

  • Germany’s Minister of Finance visits Statkraft

    2013.11.26 news

    Germany’s Minister of Finance visited Statkraft’s power plant at Knapsack on 11 September to learn more about the technology used in a modern gas and steam turbine power plant. He was not disappointed.

  • With stars in their eyes

    2013.11.26 news

    Jazz musician Jørgen Mathisen (24) and biathlete Thekla Brun-Lie (16) express their ambition in completely different ways, but have two things in common: They are among Norway’s best and brightest, and Statkraft is their sponsor.

  • New health and safety forum to focus on offshore wind industry

    2013.11.26 news

    Nine of the world’s largest renewable energy developers have come together to form a new group, that places health and safety at the forefront of all offshore wind activity and developments - G9 Offshore Wind Health and Safety Association Limited.

  • New R&D programme on climate change

    2013.11.18 news

    How will climate change affect energy production in different parts of the world? A new R&D programme is set to produce information that may shape investment decisions, energy management, and operation and maintenance in Statkraft.

  • Norway and Turkey enter closer cooperation on renewable energy

    2013.11.06 news

    Norway and Turkey have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, paving the way for closer cooperation on renewable energy.

  • Statkraft CEO on energy market situation and leadership

    2013.10.31 news

    Statkraft’s CEO Christian Rynning-Tønnesen comments on the rapidly changing European energy market and Statkraft’s position. He also gives his view on leadership.

  • Half a million visitors for «Munch 150»

    2013.10.18 news

    After four and a half months, the “Munch 150” sesquicentennial exhibition has had 484,325 visitors. This is a record for both the National Gallery and the Munch Museum.