Corporate responsibility report 2013

Statkraft will be a good corporate citizen in all its activities. In brief, this means that we will deliver electricity based on environment-friendly sources of energy, use sustainable, safe and efficient production methods and behave in a responsible and ethical manner in the market.

This part of the annual report presents Statkraft's work, management system and performance in the area of corporate responsibility for 2013, describing challenges and activities within areas such as environment, health and safety, human rights, labour issues and anti-corruption.

  • Environmental impact

    Statkraft offers renewable and sustainable energy solutions, which is how we help meet one of the greatest challenges of our day: global warming. At the same time, all power production is associated with different forms of interventions in nature. Systematic environmental management in line with good international practice will minimise and compensate for the negative environmental impact of the Group's activities.

  • Health and safety

    Statkraft shall be a safe place to work. All work shall be planned and executed so that the zero injuries objective is achieved. Statkraft's safety culture shall be characterised by transparency and a desire to learn, both from own mistakes and from successful improvement measures.

  • CR in development projects

    As a power producer Statkraft is involved in several development projects in different parts of the world. Most of these take part in emerging markets, but there are also substantial developments taking place in Northern Europe, within different technologies. Here we share how we addressed corporate responsibility in a selection of projects in 2013.