Çetin Hydropower Project - hydropower in Turkey

In 2013, Statkraft continued construction of the Çetin hydropower plant (Çetin HPP), the company's third hydropower project in Turkey.

With a total output of 517 MW, Çetin HPP will be Statkraft's largest hydropower plant outside of Norway and will have an annual maximum delivery of 1.4 TWh.

  • Ownership: Statkraft 100%
  • Capacity: 517 MW (from two hydropower plants)
  • Development phase: Under construction

Up to 1500 people will be working on the plant during the construction period.

Corporate responsibility challenges and measures

During 2013 prioritised corporate responsibility activities in the Çetin project have been the operation of the community relations office at project site opening of another community relations office in the Pervari district center as well as designing and agreeing with local authorities from the districts of Şirvan and Pervari on a Regional Investment Plan. The Regional Investment Plan includes investments within areas such as education, health, rural development and culture and recreation.

In addition, emphasis has been given to liaising between the project contractor and villagers regarding damages from contractor’s activities.

Moreover, the project launched several studies and investigations, including a study on the livelihood compensation options and scenarios for both Pervari and Şirvan districts as well as pedestrian bridge user surveys in Pervari district.

Local pupils demonstrate correct use of new safety gear during a traffic safety campaign at a school in the project impact area.