Devoll Hydropower Project – Hydropower in Albania

The Devoll Hydropower Project (Devoll HPP) in Albania consists of a cascade of hydropower plants along the Devoll River with a potential installed capacity of 243 MW and production is estimated to 729 GWh/year.

Following the acquisition of shares of EVN in 2013, Statkraft has become 100% owner of Devoll Hydropower ShA.

  • Ownership: Statkraft 100%
  • Capacity: 243 MW
  • Development phase: Under construction

Corporate responsibility challenges and measures

The Devoll HPP currently has a team of approximately 30 on-site employees involved in managing social and environmental affairs.

The project developed and finalized the Environmental and Social Management Plan in 2013. The Plan comprises all social and environmental mitigation measures and provides a general framework for resettlement, livelihood restoration, social development and environmental management and monitoring.

The main social impacts relate to the loss of agricultural and horticultural land and the loss of livelihood associated with this impact. The project carried out a variety of initiatives in 2013 to compensate for these anticipated losses.

One such initiative was the introduction of agricultural demonstration farms. Based on thorough mapping and analysis of both production and market suitability, watermelon, melon and sage were selected to be grown at the demonstration farms accompanied by consultations on productive agricultural techniques and know-how. Work to improve irrigation systems in impacted villages has also been initiated. The objective of the initiative was to demonstrate alternative and well suited crops as well as efficient production methods, with the goal of creating more sustainable livelihoods for the impacted households. Work was started in 2013 but will demand comprehensive and consistent efforts from the project.

The main environmental impacts of the Devoll HPP pertain to the changes in the hydrological regime of the Devoll River. Water quality, currently being monitored on a regular basis, will be in focus for the environmental mitigation efforts going forward, including improved waste management and sewage treatment for Gramsh town at the end of the Banjë reservoir.

Developments are well under way at the Devoll Hydropower Project in Albania. The photo shows construction work at the Banjë reservoir with access roads.

Improved systems for waste management is a central part of the on-going work.

Nursing and harvesting watermelons from the demonstration farms