Björkhöjden and Ögonfägnaden Wind Farms – Windpower in Sweden

During the latter half of 2012, Statkraft initiated the development of Björkhöjden and Ögonfägnaden wind farms, which will be our fourth and fifth wind farms in Sweden.

The wind farms will consist of 90 and 33 turbines respectively and are scheduled for operation in late 2014-2015.

  • Ownership: Statkraft 60%, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) 40%
  • Capacity: 270 MW (Björkhöjden) and 99 MW (Ögonfägnaden)
  • Development phase: Under construction

Both projects will be executed by Statkraft SCA Vind AB, owned by Statkraft and SCA, and about 30 people are involved in the construction phase of the project.

Corporate responsibility challenges and measures

The wind farms are located in a sparsely populated area with large forests in a mountainous landscape.

Within the farms there are several natural and culture values that have been taken into account when developing the layout of the roads, turbines and power lines. During the construction phase both Statkraft and the supervisory authorities conduct regular visits and audits to ensure that the contractor implements the project in line with applicable licence requirements.

The people living close to the construction areas will be affected both from the construction activities and from the transportation of materials. In order to ensure that the affected people are well informed of ongoing activities Statkraft distributes information letters, holds public meetings at the site and distributes notices through local community information channels. The project also has its own website, which is used actively to provide information.

During the winter periods two sami villages, Jijnjevaerie and Ohredahke, use the forest areas for winter grazing for their reindeer. There is an ongoing process between the construction and operations activities and the sami villages on how to minimize the impacts on the villages.

Statkraft reported to the National Contact Point for OECD guidelines

In 2012, a complaint was filed against Statkraft to the Norwegian and the Swedish National Contact Points (NCPs) regarding compliance with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Jijnjevaerie sami village claims it has not been sufficiently consulted on the parts of the project that affect the reindeer herding of the village, and that Statkraft is therefore in violation of the principles in the guidelines. The sami village has therefore requested the NCPs to facilitate a dialogue with Statkraft. A mediation process commenced in early 2014. 

Wind power development in northern Sweden. Together, Björkhöjden and Ögonfägnaden will consist of 123 turbines (90 and 33 respectively).