Cheves Hydropower Project - Hydropower in Peru

In 2011, SN Power started construction of Cheves hydropower plant (Cheves HPP) in Peru, the company's ninth hydropower plant in Peru.

With a total output of 168 MW, Cheves HPP will be SN Power’s largest hydropower plant in Peru and will have an annual maximum delivery of 838 GWh.

  • Ownership: SN Power 100%
  • Capacity: 168 MW
  • Development phase: Under construction, scheduled to start operation 2015

Up to 1200 people will be working on the plant during the construction period.

Corporate responsibility challenges and measures

During the first years of development, the aim was to establish a positive relationship with the main stakeholders, getting to know them and becoming familiar with their activities. An office for public affairs was established, and workshops with communities and local government were implemented.

In 2013, priorities in relation to corporate responsibility were related to anticipation and mitigation of social and environmental risks and at the same time contributing to the development of the communities, through the construction of an irrigation channel, a reservoir for agriculture, and a nursery that will improve the agricultural production.

As regards infrastructure, 2013 was a year in which the expected progress for the civil, electromechanical, hydro mechanical and transmission lines contracts were exceeded. One of the most important milestones was the culmination of the excavation of the powerhouse in May.

Project development in Cheves