Organisation and management

Clear leadership, a positive working environment conducive to professional development and expertise development are strategically important areas in Statkraft.

Statkraft has its own corporate programmes for manager development. Leadership in Statkraft (LIS) is a basic course, while NEXT and Expand are aimed at experienced managers.

In 2013, 53 managers participated in the Group's management programmes, 25 in LIS, 14 in NEXT and 14 in Expand. The programmes are undergoing continuous development and adaptation to new challenges, not least those created by the Group's international growth. Statkraft also has its own training programme for project managers, and 140 employees participated in these programmes in 2013.

Expertise development is followed up through appraisal interviews, and employees are, in addition to courses and further education, encouraged to seek internal rotation.

Employee survey

A joint annual employee survey is held in Statkraft, Skagerak Energi and SN Power, where all employees are asked to evaluate the Group's organisation and management. The survey covered topics such as leadership, cooperation, working conditions, ethics and corporate responsibility and personal development. The purpose of the survey was to compare ourselves with other companies in the industry and make Statkraft a better place to work. As in previous years, the results of the 2013 survey were very good. As regards the indicator "Job satisfaction", Statkraft's score was 73, well above the Norwegian industry index (69).

Cooperation with trade unions

Statkraft aims for a close and structured cooperation with all represented trade unions. In addition to national cooperation with trade unions, Statkraft has established a European works council (Statkraft European Works Council, SEWC), with employee representatives from Norway, Sweden, Germany and the UK. SEWC is an important cooperation forum for coordinating and implementing principles and guidelines as regards labour issues and labour rights in Statkraft. Examples of topics discussed in SEWC in 2013 include the work on the Group's strategy plan and the market situation for gas power in Europe.

The Group recognises the ILO Convention on labour rights and relevant EU directives have been included in the SEWC agreement with EPSU (European Federation of Public Service Unions), the federation for European unions within the energy industry.