Role in society

Both directly and indirectly Statkraft creates substantial value to societies where we are present. In 2013 the Group's gross value added amounted to NOK 20 824 million.

Gross investments totalled NOK 13 344 million, of which NOK 7338 million was invested in Norway and NOK 6006 million abroad.

We also aim to define the success of our investments in broader terms. By being in dialogue with our surroundings and by running all aspects of our operations in a responsible manner we believe we can create shared value, for us as company and for the local societies where we are present.

R&D continues to be an important part of Statkraft’s innovation activities. In 2013 a new R&D program on climate issues was established. 

  • Economic value creation

    The Group's gross value added amounted to NOK 20 824 million in 2013 (14 883). Values created are distributed to a number of stakeholders, in Norway and abroad. Below is a presentation of the Group's value creation in the form of tax contributions, dividends to the state, total investments and goods and services purchased.

  • Innovation

    Statkraft's innovation activities shall contribute to strengthen the competitiveness of the Group's core business areas. Business development, long-term expertise building and focused R&D programmes are all key aspects of this work.

  • Stakeholder engagement

    Many people, organisations and communities are directly impacted by, or have a direct impact on, Statkraft´s activities. In all dialogue with stakeholders we will be respectful of local environments as well as the communities and cultures we work in, creating opportunities to provide information as well as to listen to concerns. We want to build trust in our company by engaging in transparent practices and open dialogue with stakeholders.

  • Strategic collaborations

    Statkraft strives to build synergies through close collaboration with special interest organisations. The main purpose of the partnerships is to draw on each other’s competence in order to create win-win solutions.