Strategic collaborations

Statkraft strives to build synergies through close collaboration with special interest organisations. The main purpose of the partnerships is to draw on each other’s competence in order to create win-win solutions.

Statkraft entered into formal partnership agreements with WWF Norway, Bellona, the Norwegian Society for the Preservation of Nature and the Norwegian Red Cross in 2012.

Teaming up with WWF in Turkey

In 2013, Statkraft in Turkey and WWF Turkey established a project titled “Towards Sustainable Hydropower Production in Turkey”. The project intends to develop guidelines for environmental flow primarily directed at investors and decision makers.

The joint efforts also aimed at developing a deeper understanding of hydropower and sustainability issues in Turkey with a comprehensive stakeholder analysis of the Turkish hydropower sector.

The project contributes to Statkraft’s ongoing efforts to introduce ownership know-how and expertise to Turkish decision makers and to promote good international practice in the Turkish hydropower industry.