President and CEO

04.04.2014 | news

Statkraft unites national and international perspectives

Over several years, Statkraft has demonstrated an ability to generate significant financial value. The underlying result for 2013 is sound. The changes in NOK against the euro have resulted in negative currency effects, but this is fully offset by positive effects which strengthens the equity. The Group has succeeded in meeting the owner's objectives for the development of the Statkraft Group, both in Norway and abroad. Statkraft's position as a leader in European renewable energy has been strengthened, reaffirming Norway's importance as an energy nation. Simultaneously, we will remain a good partner for the power-intensive industry. Statkraft's most important mission is to be an efficient power producer and deliver a high rate of return to the owner through industrial activity. This requires continuous development. The Group has launched a number of development projects in Norway and other European countries, as well as elsewhere in the world. The expertise base Statkraft is developing at home and abroad also contributes to better management of our Norwegian power business. Closer integration of Statkraft's international activities will enable us to further exploit the economies of scale and the expertise in the Group going forward. This will generate positive synergies, reduce risk and contribute to higher profitability.

Statkraft's development has considerable external industrial ripple effects. The internationalisation of Statkraft contributes to development of energy services and a supplier industry based in Norway.

The world needs more clean energy

Through many years, the Statkraft Group has been patiently building its business, one step at a time. We are now very well positioned for further profitable growth with leading expertise in a number of fields, a solid strategic position and documented ability to deliver high value creation.

Climate challenges make the development of more renewable energy more important than ever. Statkraft's development projects provide access to clean energy and therefore higher standard of living for people in a number of countries. Statkraft combines expertise and extensive experience with the ability to recognise new solutions. We are taking the Norwegian energy industry forward and will deliver what the world needs – more clean energy.