Statkraft around the world

04.04.2014 | news

The Group is the largest power producer in Norway, and contributed 34% of the country's power production in 2013. The company is the Nordic region's third largest producer of electrical power, Europe's largest producer of renewable energy, and the tenth largest producer of hydropower globally.

The Group has ownership interests in 394 power plants, with a total installed capacity of 17 607 MW (Statkraft’s share). The installed capacity is 82% hydropower, 15% gas power and 3% wind power. 71% of Statkraft’s share of the installed capacity is in Norway, 8% in the Nordic region excluding Norway, 17% in Europe excluding the Nordic region and 4% outside of Europe. In addition, Statkraft has interests in 33 district heating plants with a capacity of 685 MW (Statkraft’s share). 71% of the capacity is in Norway, 24% in Sweden, 4% in Germany and 1% in Brazil.


The consolidated activities show the capacity of investments which Statkraft has fully consolidated in the accounts in accordance with IFRS. The difference between capacity under direct ownership and consolidated activities is mostly a result of the investments in BKK and Agder Energi, which are classified as associated companies in accordance with IFRS.

Statkraft is entering a period with many major rehabilitation projects, and is planning the investment of NOK 12 billion to upgrade existing Norwegian and Swedish hydropower plants from 2014 to 2018. In 2013, power plants with a total installed capacity of 620 MW were transferred from Statkraft SF.

Internationally, Statkraft has several hydropower plants under construction. In addition, Statkraft owns two hydropower plants under construction through SN Power. These power plants will total 112 MW. In Turkey, Statkraft owns a hydropower plant of 20 MW, while three hydropower plants totalling 619 MW are under construction. In Albania, Statkraft has decided to build two power plants totalling 243 MW.

Three new onshore wind farms started operations in 2013. In addition, another three onshore wind power plants are under construction in Sweden. In 2013, SAE Vind received four wind power licenses County from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, totalling up to 660 MW in Sør-Trøndelag County in Norway and one of up to 105 MW Norway in Sogn og Fjordane.

Statkraft also has projects within offshore wind power. For the Dudgeon project (400 MW), which is being developed in cooperation with Statoil, a final investment decision is expected in the second half of 2014. As regards the Doggerbank project, where Statkraft is one of four partners, an investment decision lies some years into the future.

In 2013, Statkraft opened a new district heating plant in Ås in Norway (24 MW) and a new bio-boiler in Kungsbacka in Sweden was completed (12 MW).