Corporate governance

Corporate governance and management in Statkraft shall contribute to sustainable and permanent value creation in the Group.

Good and transparent management of and control over the business will provide the basis for creating longterm value for the owners, employees, other stakeholders and society in general. Trust will be established among stakeholders through predictability and credibility. Open and accessible communication will ensure that the Group maintains a good relationship with society in general and the stakeholders who are affected by the company’s activities in particular.

Statkraft adheres to the Norwegian State's principles for sound corporate governance as described in Report No. 13 (2010-2011) to the Storting on Active ownership ("The Ownership Report"), and is subject to the reporting requirements relating to corporate governance pursuant to Section 3-3b of the Accounting Act. Furthermore, Statkraft applies the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance (NUES) within the framework established by the company's organisation and ownership. Deviations from the recommendation are due to the fact that Statkraft is wholly owned by the Norwegian state.