Health, safety and the environment

There was one work-related fatal accident in the Group in 2013, when a contractor employee died in connection with tunnel work at SN Power's Cheves development in Peru. The main conclusion from the investigation was that the work was carried out in an area that was inadequately secured, and the contractor changed its practices immediately after the accident.

The Group works systematically to avoid injuries and damage in all activities. All incidents with a large injury or damage potential are followed up closely in accordance with set requirements, and the inten-tion is to share experience throughout the Group. A new tool for self-evaluation of the health and safety work was implemented in all business areas in 2013, and the results from this evaluation will be incorporated in the Group's performance follow-up process.

The absence due to illness was 2.9% in 2013, and this is considered satisfactory.

The Group experienced no serious environmental incidents in 2013.