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  • osmotic-power-pro-membrane.jpg

    Osmotic power PRO Membrane

  • PRO review paper by Andrea Achilli_tcm9-24576.pdf

    n Andrea Achilli ⁎, Amy E. Childress mpetitive commercialization of membranes and modules for PRO applications Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Desalination ... energy released from the mixing of freshwater with saltwater is called pressure retarded osmosis (PRO). In PRO, water from a low salinity solution permeates through a membrane into a pressurized, high salinity

  • Statkraft AS - Annual Report 2007

    Statkraft AS - Annual Report 2007 Enclosed is a pdf-version of the 2007 Annual Report for Statkraft AS. The Annual Report is also available in pdf- and web-versions on Statkraft's website, ... Report is also available in pdf- and web-versions on Statkraft's website,   Contacts: CFO Stein Dale, tel.: +47 24 06 72

  • JMS Thorsen and Holt -09_tcm9-24577.pdf

    Available onlin Keywords: Osmotic powe Pressure retard Power product Freshwater uti e ene be us h pro ialysi lysed tion rane nite proc ermo and t 1. Introduc The principle of salinity power is the exploitation ... solutions of different salinities, in the context of this article freshwater and seawater. Two membrane pro- cesses of tec electrodialy extracted b were discus to be the m mixing ene novel and d concentrati

  • Osmotic Power Presentation Quingdao June 2011_tcm9-19287.pdf

    Environment – friendly power production Page 4 THIS IS A DUMMY TITLE PRESSURE RETARDED OSMOSIS (PRO) OR OSMOTIC POWER 5 Company presentation 2009 FROM SALT TO ELECTRICITY Forecast 2020 COMPETITIVENESS ... activities Monitoring of membrane performance Cleaning and maintenance of membranes PX operation in PRO, pressure requirements Pretreatment fresh water optimization Pretreatment seawater optimization

  • Statkraft AS has established EMTN Programme

    Statkraft AS has established EMTN Programme Statkraft AS has established an EMTN Programme to be registered on the London Stock Exchange. The Programme will form the basis for Statkraft's ... Norwegian markets.   The Offering Circular is posted on Statkrafts website,     Contacts: Ola Idland, Treasurer, tel.: +47-2406 7903/+47-905

  • Waterpower_XVI_-_Power_production_based_on_osmotic_pressure_tcm21-4795.pdf

    releases large amounts of energy that can be used for power production. The pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) process will operate with filtered fresh water pumped into modules containing membrane. In the module ... pressure exchanger in order to pressurise the incoming seawater. The two key components in a PRO plant are the pressure exchanger and the membrane. Since 1997 the Norwegian utility company Statkraft

  • 120813_Presseinformation_Vermarktung vor dem Aus_tcm21-23157.pdf

    unerwartet starke Kürzungen bei der Managementprämie. „Mit der überstürzten Festlegung auf 0,3 Cent pro Kilowattstunde im Jahre 2015 würde die Bundesregierung die Marktintegration der Erneuerbaren Energien ... der gesamten EEG-Umlage von ca. 0,04 Cent pro Kilowattstunde erwartet. Das sind umgerechnet auf einen vier Personen Haushalt gerade einmal 1,20 Euro pro Jahr. „Allein dadurch, dass der Strom

  • Statkraft Osmotic Power 3rd International Conference on Ocean Energy- Bilbao 2010_tcm9-19281.pdf

    mixing freshwater and seawater releases energy. Statkraft has utilised Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) to capture this energy and proved that it is possible to produce electricity from mixing freshwater ... electricity instead of heat have been identified. One of these is Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) using the force of osmosis together with semi- permeable membranes to utilise the enormous potential

  • Statkraft around the world

    Statkraft around the world Since the founding of the company in 1895, Statkraft has developed from a national company, focused on developing Norwegian hydro power resources, into an international ... reporting according to IFRS. The difference between consolidated capacity and direct ownership (the pro-rata columns in the table) is mainly due to Statkraft’s investments in the companies BKK, Agder Energi

  • Statkraft AS - Issue of EUR bond loans.

    Statkraft AS - Issue of EUR bond loans. Statkraft AS has issued two bond loans with 6 years tenor and 10.5 years tenor under the EMTN programme. The amounts are respectively EUR 300,000,000 and ... are joint lead managers on the issues.   For further information refer to:     Contacts:                                                  

  • Stock exchange notice: Offer to repurchase Norwegian bonds

    Stock exchange notice: Offer to repurchase Norwegian bonds (Oslo, 11 November 2004) Statkraft SF is making a repurchase offer to the holders of the two bond issues STAKR01 (ISIN NO 001 016710.9) and ... over-subscribed compared to the volume Stakraft is willing to accept, purchases will be made on a pro-rata basis. The offer is valid until 11:00 a.m., Oslo time, on 24 November 2004. Final terms will

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    in brief 15.02.2006 p. 3 Preliminary annual accounts for 2005 *Figures for 2003 and 2004 are pro forma figures. Amounts in NOK million 2005 2004* 2003* Gross operating revenues 15 021 10 842 11 ... KPIs 15.02.2006 p. 12 Distribution of Statkraft’s value added Figures for 2003 and 2004 are pro forma figures. -10 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 2003 2004 2005 Per cent (1 000) 1 000 3 000

  • statkraft-as-2015-eng-low 10.pdf

    Power plants and district heating plants in the Group as of 31.12.2015 Pro-rata1 Consolidated power plants No. of plants Capacity (MW) No. of plants Capacity (MW) POWER GENERATION Hydropower 332 15

  • UNCE Codes Deutsch.pdf

    Thermosolarmodule Stromrichter 3.9.25 Wellenkraftwerke 3.9.26 Osmosekraftwerk/Salzkraftwerk PRO-Kraftwerk (PRO=Pressure Retarded Osmosis) RED-Anlage (reverse Elektrodialyse) Verarbeitungsanlage / Ausrüstung