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  • Economic value creation

    value creation amounted to NOK 15 439 million in 2015 (22 312). Values created are distributed to a number of stakeholders, in Norway and abroad. Social accounts Economic value creation: NOK 15 439 million ... Odda – NOK 79 million 1) Includes property taxes, licence fees and natural resource tax Employment Number of employees as of 31 Dec. 2015: 4170     - Of which in Norway: 2365 (57%)      - Of which abroad:

  • Statkraft's GRI Index

    Statkraft’s corporate responsibility reporting is based on GRI’s sector specific guidance and recommendations, described in supplement G4 Sector Disclosures - Electric Utilities. Statkraft ... Reported = The indicator is reported. Partly = The indicator is reported partly. EU = Indicator numbers starting with EU mean that the indicator is specific for the energy utilities sector.  GENERAL STANDARD

  • Accidents

    Overall, 104 lost-time injuries and 176 total injuries were recorded among Statkraft’s employees and contractors in 2015. This corresponds to an injury frequency rate (TRI) of 5.9 and lost ... Injuries The LTI (number of lost-time injuries per million working hours) was 3.3 among Statkraft’s employees, while LTI among Statkraft's contractors was 3.6. Correspondingly, the TRI (number of injuries per

  • Khimti Hydropower Project - Hydropower in Nepal

    Ownership: Statkraft 50.4% Capacity: 60 MW (378 GWh) D evelopment phase: Operation since 2000 A number of successful programs have been initiated over the past 15 years and are now being handed over to ... Electricity Authority (NEA) as per the Power Purchase Agreement. This will bring to a conclusion a number of support programs and activities, but not without ensuring sustainability.  Community Self-Development

  • Security

    Statkraft works systematically on issues linked to security, emergency preparedness and crisis management. The handling of security issues is based on internationally recognised principles. Statkraft ... confidentiality, integrity and access to the organisation's information. In 2015, Statkraft implemented a number of measures to strengthen security and improve the company's ability to detect and handle risks and

  • Innovation

    The objectives for Statkraft’s innovation efforts are to develop and strengthen competitive advantages within the core business and develop new business opportunities. Innovation is also ... formation of pressure pulsations that usually lead to restrictions for operation ranges. There is a number of reasons for operation at part load, such as grid frequency control or meeting minimum flow requirements

  • Market and framework conditions

    China, Germany, Italy, the US and Japan. Now, however, both solar and wind power are competitive in a number of global markets, even without subsidies. Increased potential for distributed solutions. Declining ... produce from new sources of renewable energy for 15 years, and suppliers must purchase a specific number of certificates. The Norwegian-Swedish Elcert market, combined with Finnish and Danish subsidy schemes

  • Ambitions and goals

    In 2015, Statkraft performed a materiality analysis to identify the sustainability issues that are most important to the company and its stakeholders. Three of the issues identified were: ... strategic collaboration with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute since 2009, and is also involved in a number of R&D projects supported by the Norwegian Research Council. Statkraft also assesses and develops

  • The Statkraft Way

    The Statkraft Way, Statkraft’s management system, is based on the Group's vision, values, Code of Conduct and business model. It contains both briefly formulated policies and more detailed ... model's basic principle is that each main decision must be accompanied by documented information on a number of stipulated topics, including corporate responsibility, as part of the decision basis. Emergency

  • Business ethics and anti-corruption

    Statkraft is committed to ensuring a high level of integrity and has zero tolerance for corruption. With rising exposure in markets exposed to corruption, Statkraft works actively to safeguard ... adequacy of how business ethics is reflected in requirements and controls for key business processes A number of new initiatives were implemented and/or initiated in 2015 to ensure that business ethics related

  • Environmental activities in Statkraft

    Statkraft's core business areas are hydropower and wind power. Neither of these technologies generates significant emissions or discharges, but both cause interventions in ecosystems and ... couples now breed inside the wind farm. However, this has not resulted in a noticeable decline in the number of white-tailed eagles in the area. Photo: Bjørn Iuell The wind park on Smøla. Photo: Bjørn Iuell