• Fosen Vind

    Fosen Vind is realising Europe's largest onshore wind power project in Central-Norway, comprising six wind farms, with a combined capacity of 1000 MW.

    Infographic for Fosen Vind UK Wind power
  • Lio power plant

    Lio power plant in Tokke municipality in Telemark county was built in 1969 and is now being modernised. Following the upgrade, installed capacity will increase by 3 MW to 43 MW. Annual production can be increased by up to 18 GWh to a total of 243 GWh. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

    Employees at Lio power plant. Hydropower
  • Nore I power plant

    Statkraft has decided to refurbish Nore 1 hydropower plant in Buskerud, Norway. The refurbishment will ensure further hydropower production at the facility for many years to come. Plans to build a new Nore 1 power plant are cancelled.

    Nore power plant. Hydropower
  • Vesle Kjela power plant

    Statkraft will use a major part of the energy potential that is available in the Tokke-Vinje water system and has been granted the rights to expand the Vesle Kjela power plant with an intake in the existing Kjelavatnet regulation reservoir in Vinje municipality in Telemark.

    A power plant in Vesle Kjela. Hydropower
  • Vigdøla power plant

    In April 2011, Statkraft applied for a license for the construction of Vigdøla power plant in the municipality of Luster in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Vigdøla power plant will utilise a gross head (vertical drop) of approximately 600 meter in Vigdøla, a tributary of the Jostedøla river, on the eastern side of Jostedalen.

    Lower part of Vigdola power plant. Hydropower