• Fosen Vind

    Fosen Vind is realising Europe's largest onshore wind power project in Central-Norway, comprising six wind farms, with a combined capacity of 1057 MW.

    Infographic for Fosen Vind UK Wind power
  • Nore I power plant

    Statkraft has decided to refurbish Nore 1 hydropower plant in Buskerud, Norway. The refurbishment will ensure further hydropower production at the facility for many years to come. Plans to build a new Nore 1 power plant are cancelled.

    Nore power plant. Hydropower
  • Silva Green Fuel

    Silva Green Fuel AS, a company owned by Statkraft (51%) and Södra (49%) will build a demonstration plant with the objective of producing advanced (second generation) biofuel from forest feedstock. The plant will be located in Tofte in the Norwegian municipality of Hurum.

    Bio power
  • Value Creation at Tofte

    In 2015 a new venture started in Tofte, in the Hurum Municipality, Norway, when Statkraft purchased an industrial site. This site, formerly owned by Sødra, had been used for cellulose production from 1897 to 2013.

    Bio power
  • Vesle Kjela power plant

    Statkraft will use a major part of the energy potential that is available in the Tokke-Vinje water system and has been granted the rights to expand the Vesle Kjela power plant with an intake in the existing Kjelavatnet regulation reservoir in Vinje municipality in Telemark.

    A power plant in Vesle Kjela. Hydropower
  • Vigdøla power plant

    In April 2011, Statkraft applied for a license for the construction of Vigdøla power plant in the municipality of Luster in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Vigdøla power plant will utilise a gross head (vertical drop) of approximately 600 meter in Vigdøla, a tributary of the Jostedøla river, on the eastern side of Jostedalen.

    Lower part of Vigdola power plant. Hydropower