Value creation at Tofte

A new venture started in 2015 when Statkraft purchased the industrial site at Tofte, in Asker Municipality of Norway. The area, formerly owned by the Swedish forestry cooperative Södra, has a long history of cellulose production.

Today, biomass activities, production of biofuel and the establishment of a growing industry cluster are all contributing to new life behind the fences. Statkraft Tofte creates values from forest and fjord, with a responsible approach to people and the environment.

All activity on the site is now organised through Statkraft Tofte AS. The remaining buildings and areas, including the quay facilities, provides a foundation for new activity and business development. By the end of 2019, 50 businesses with more than 100 employees utilise the old buildings and the marina. Silva Green Fuel is getting close to commissioning of their demonstration plant for biofuel production and constitutes a prominent part of the industry cluster. A broad range of activities are located on the premises, from maritime, construction and electrical businesses to art, design and event studios.

Statkraft Tofte and several of the companies in the industry park are members of the NoWaste network, a cluster advocating green business development and a circular economy. The cluster is based in the Oslo fjord region, and aims towards stronger competitiveness and sustainable jobs for the businesses in the area.

We aim to ensure that the intended activity in Tofte will benefit the local community through increased value creation and positive synergies. Production of biofuels will require both staff and external services, and we believe that the new activity in the future will provide inspiration and basis for existence for several other businesses, facilitating further growth of a sustainable industry park.