Competitive Wind Power

The Competitive Wind Power Program covers onshore and offshore wind, focusing on the Nordics and the UK. The purpose of the program is to enable Statkraft to be among the top players with regards to cost efficiency, and to enable Statkraft to use current knowledge about technology in decision making.

The projects in the portfolio for offshore wind  is related to gaining knowledge of wind resources, optimizing operation and maintenance (O&M), and concepts for installation and substructures. For onshore wind several of our projects are related to optimizing O&M and understanding of environmental impacts.

Statkraft participates in several external R&D programs, and these will be a part of the Competitive Wind Program. The external R&D programs are Offshore Wind Accelerator run by Carbon Trust in UK, Norwegian Centre for Offshore Wind Energy (NORCOWE) and Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology (NOWITECH).