Research and development

Research and development

Investment in R&D and innovation is important to reduce cost and improve competitiveness in Statkraft’s core business.

Statkraft has established a corporate R&D program to increase our competitiveness in a medium to long term horizon. In order to secure value creation from our R&D investments, close alignment between business strategy and R&D investments is emphasized. 

The program has three main objectives. These are defined across the group’s departments/units and address key aspects for future hydro power and wind power business in Statkraft.

The program’s objectives are:

  1. Develop methods, systems and technology to reduce cost and improve value creation in the fields of hydropower and wind power production, project execution, energy management and market operations
  2. Develop sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for new and existing hydro power and wind power plants
  3. Become an industry acknowledged competence hub within hydropower and wind power