The work of the Board of Directors

Hilde Drønen, Elisabeth Morthen, Harald von Heyden, Vilde Eriksen Bjerknes and Asbjørn Sevlejordet joined the board as new members in June, replacing Ellen Stensrud, Erik Haugane, Silvija Seres, Lena Halvari og Odd Vanvik. Berit Rødseth was elected the new deputy chair.

The Board of Statkraft AS held eight board meetings in 2014. The Board has a strong focus on daily operations and ongoing development projects. A significant part of the work of the Board of Directors in 2014 was in connection with development of investments and sale of assets in accordance with the Group’s strategy.

The Board has a Compensation Committee consisting of the chair of the Board and two of the Board members, and an Audit Committee consisting of four Board members. The Compensation Committee held two meetings during the course of the year, while the Audit Committee held five. 

From left: Halvor Stenstadvold, Asbjørn Sevlejordet, Elisabeth Morthen, Hilde Drønen, Thorbjørn Holøs, Vilde Eriksen Bjerknes, Harald von Heyden, Berit Rødseth and Olav Fjell.