Cheves Hydropower Project - Hydropower in Peru

In 2011, SN Power started construction of Cheves hydropower plant (Cheves HPP) in Peru, the company's ninth hydropower plant in the country. As part of the 2014 “Magnet process” all SN Power Peru’s assets were transferred to Statkraft.

  • Ownership: Statkraft 100%
  • Capacity: 168 MW
  • Development phase: Under construction, scheduled to start operation 2015

Corporate responsibility challenges and measures

The main corporate responsibility focus for the project has been to ensure a social license to operate by maintaining good relations with local government and surrounding communities.

In 2014, Statkraft established a cooperation framework with the communities directly influenced by the project. This includes agreements with the Huacho and Andajes communities which were previously opposed to the project.  Moreover, 10 sustainable rural development projects were successfully implemented this year, which benefited approximately 2500 villagers. This includes projects aimed at improving the production and management capabilities of fruit producers in the Huara River Basin.

In compliance with IFC performance standards, an Environmental Flow Management Plan was completed for the operation phase. The plan outlines all the monitoring and mitigation plans for water quality and environmental monitoring, and was approved by the IFC in September 2014.  

An Emergency Preparedness Plan, incuding an early warning system, was completed for the Checras dam. Safety drills were performed as part of training initiatives aimed at the surrounding villages.

Local fruit farmer is inspecting his crops