Kargı Hydropower Project – Hydropower in Turkey

Located in central Turkey, the Kargı Hydropower Project (Kargı HPP) is currently under its final stages of construction. Upon completion the plant will have an installed capacity of 102 MW.

Kargı HPP will have an annual maximum delivery of 470 GWh.

  • Ownership: Statkraft 100%
  • Capacity: 102 MW 
  • Development phase: Under construction, scheduled to start operating in April 2015

Around 300 people are currently working on the plant construction.

Corporate responsibility challenges and measures

In 2014, Kargı HPP continued to carry out a close dialogue with its stakeholders through individual and community level consultations at the Osmançik community relations office and throughout project affected villages. Providing a consistent message and being visible to project affected people greatly contribute to maintaining trust and cooperation.

Information sharing about project developments and facilitation of ongoing legal processes for land access and promotion of new livelihood initiatives continued to be the main content of the dialogue for communities impacted by inundation of fields upstream of the dam. In downstream areas, the focus has been on ensuring irrigation systems are improved and rice production can continue during operation. 

In 2014 the project’s livelihood restoration initiative emphasized support of apiculture. Currently a total of 17 bee farmers are receiving support for the managing their 258 beehives. Additional activities carried out by the corporate responsibility unit in Kargi include renovation of a school in Osmançik and improvement of drinking water facilities at one affected village.

In preparation for operation in 2015 an Environmental and Social Management Plan for Operation is being developed. The plan provides a framework to mitigate and control environmental and social impacts resulting from planned operation. 


One of the local bee farmers is looking after his bees