Statkraft's GRI Index

Statkraft’s corporate responsibility reporting is based on guidance and recommendations given in the GRI’s Energy Utilities Sector Supplement.

Statkraft’s corporate responsibility reporting has been verified by an external auditor. The auditor’s conclusion is presented in the Auditor’s report:

“Statkraft applies a reporting practice for its corporate responsibility reporting aligned with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (version 3.1) reporting principles and the reporting fulfills application level B+ according to the GRI guidelines.”


Reported = The indicator is reported.
Partly reported = The indicator is reported partly.
Missing = The indicator is not reported.
Not material = The indicator has been considered as not material at the Group level.
* = Additional indicator in GRI's Energy Utilities Sector Supplement.
EU = Indicator numbers starting with EU mean that the indicator is specific for the energy utilities sector.