Supplier follow-up

Statkraft sets clear requirements for all suppliers and follows up risk topics throughout the procurement process.

Statkraft’s supplier code of conduct

Statkraft has developed a version of Statkraft's code of conduct which is especially aimed at Group's suppliers. This document describes the Group's requirements for suppliers as regards protection of the environment, human rights, labour rights and labour standards, health and safety and anti-corruption. Statkraft's suppliers are informed of our code of conduct and other relevant requirements during the procurement processes and contract signing.

Follow-up of suppliers

Statkraft has implemented a risk-based tool that identifies and follows up risk topics throughout the procurement process. This tool makes it possible to identify risk areas such as corruption, safety issues or child labour at an early stage, and the follow-up is focused on high-risk areas. In addition Statkraft will conduct announced visits and unannounced inspections linked to particularly important and vulnerable deliveries. Such visits and audits may comprise multiple units in the supplier chain.