Statkraft's innovation activities shall contribute to strengthen the competitiveness of the Group's core business areas. Business development, long-term expertise building and focused R&D programmes are all key aspects of this work.

Through targeted R&D programmes, we want to strengthen our competitive advantage and develop new business models. Multi-year R&D programmes have been established, closely linked to the Group's strategic focus areas, hydropower, wind power and bio-energy.

Statkraft has also established a dedicated climate R&D programme that will e.g. focus on developing business-specific climate knowledge and contributing toward ensuring that the global climate models are adapted to planning and operations.

Examples of innovation projects in 2014:


Liquid biofuel is a research activity addressing the business opportunities in the bio-energy market. This project is assessing the possibility of producing liquid fuel for road transport based on forest resources.

R&D Climate

Climate change has already led to increased temperatures and altered precipitation levels. This trend will continue to affect hydrological conditions where Statkraft has development interests. The effect of climate change on future access to water is therefore the topic of multiple research projects in Statkraft. There are vast differences from region to region and a good analysis requires models both for climate and hydrology, in addition to good basic data.

Wind power

In 2014, Statkraft was granted a licence to install a test turbine for offshore wind on Smøla. This turbine will be used to test, qualify and harvest operational experience that may be relevant in future offshore wind power projects and will have an installed capacity of up to 8 megawatts (MW). Annual production from the turbine is calculated at just above 20 GWh. The turbine will be included in the ongoing study and research work linked to birds and wind power that is under way at the existing wind farm on Smøla.