Collaboration with NGOs

Statkraft strives to build synergies through close collaboration with special interest organisations. The main purpose of the partnerships is to draw on each other’s expertise in order to create win-win solutions.

Statkraft entered into formal partnership agreements with WWF Norway, Bellona, the Norwegian Society for the Preservation of Nature and the Norwegian Red Cross in 2012. Statkraft also has a conference partnership with Zero.

Partnership with WWF in Turkey and Albania

Through the main partnership agreement with WWF Norway, Statkraft has continued its collaboration with WWF locally in Turkey and with WWF International in Albania. The purpose of this collaboration is to further develop hydropower as a sustainable renewable energy source.

The project “sustainable hydropower production in Turkey” aims to increase knowledge about different methods of inducing an environmentally tailored rate of water flow in regulated river systems. This project also aims to promote this knowledge vis-à-vis various stakeholders in Turkey and partake in future discussions concerning new guidelines for environmentally tailored rates of water flow in Turkey.  The project was established in 2013 and continued in 2014.

In Albania, Statkraft collaborates with WWF International and WWF Norway in testing the IHA's (International Hydropower Association's) Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. The protocol was tested in 2013. In 2014, a dialogue process was conducted in order to facilitate continuation of the project.