Health and safety

Safety is our top priority in Statkraft and our objective is zero serious injuries for our own employees as well as for contractor personnel, suppliers, partners and third parties. The desired safety culture shall permeate the entire organisation and be characterised by transparency and a desire to learn - both from our own mistakes and from successful improvement measures.

  • Ambitions and goals

    In 2015, Statkraft performed a materiality analysis to identify the corporate responsibility aspects that are most material to the company. One of the aspects is “Safety and safeguarding of people”, and ambitions, goals and status for 2015 are presented here.

  • Accidents

    Overall, 104 lost-time injuries and 176 total injuries were recorded among Statkraft’s employees and contractors in 2015. This corresponds to an injury frequency rate (TRI) of 5.9 and lost time injury rate (LTI) of 3.5.

  • Health and safety work in Statkraft

    Follow-up of health and safety is a line responsibility in Statkraft. This means that each unit has an independent responsibility for efforts and follow-up relating to the health and safety performance. Ambitions and goals for health and safety are clearly embedded with the Corporate management.