Overall, 104 lost-time injuries and 176 total injuries were recorded among Statkraft’s employees and contractors in 2015. This corresponds to an injury frequency rate (TRI) of 5.9 and lost time injury rate (LTI) of 3.5.


There were no work related fatalities in Statkraft in 2015.


The LTI (number of lost-time injuries per million working hours) was 3.3 among Statkraft’s employees, while LTI among Statkraft's contractors was 3.6. Correspondingly, the TRI (number of injuries per million working hours) among Statkraft’s employees was 5.6 and 6.0 among Statkraft’s contractors. In total, 176 injuries were recorded for Statkraft’s employees and contractors, 104 of which were lost-time injuries.

In 2015, six accidents occurred that resulted in serious injury. Another 33 accidents and near accidents had a serious injury potential. Such incidents are subject to investigation in order to identify the cause, course of events and preventive measures. Experience and knowledge from such incidents are shared across the organisation.

The injury frequency rate in Statkraft is stable, but not satisfactory with regard to the goal of no serious injuries.

Registering unsafe conditions and near-misses

All accidents, near accidents and hazardous conditions are registered in a joint reporting tool. In 2015, Statkraft recorded just over 11 000 hazardous conditions and almost 4000 near accidents. Both near accidents and hazardous conditions are followed up in the same manner as actual accidents, and conditions which recur or could have had serious consequences are subjected to analysis and follow-up in order to identify the chain of causation. This reporting is very important in order to increase our competence relating to risk-exposed work situations.