Statkraft's corporate responsibility reporting

Statkraft annually reports the most important corporate responsibility challenges facing the Group, as well as measures and performance.

The report is based on GRI's recommendations

Statkraft’s corporate responsibility reporting is based on the recommendations of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). GRI's recommendations include both indicators for several topic areas, as well as ten reporting principles which e.g. concern identifying important topics and implementing the actual reporting process.

Statkraft systematically gathers information in order to present an annual status and most important results for areas such as climate and the environment, health and safety, security, anti-corruption work and follow-up of human rights. All relevant business units report on both quantitative and qualitative indicators. We believe these indicators capture the most important aspects as regards corporate responsibility in the Group, while also taking into account reporting requirements and expectations from our stakeholders.

Statkraft's corporate responsibility reporting describes the most important topics and results on the Group level. More information on special topics and individual projects can be found on Statkraft's website.

Materiality analysis, ambitions and goals

In 2015, Statkraft performed a materiality analysis to identify the corporate responsibility issues that are most important to the company. The analysis was based on the principles described in GRI’s Technical Protocol, and it was approved by Statkraft’s auditor (Deloitte AS). The materiality analysis included identifying key stakeholders and their most important aspects related to corporate responsibility, and workshops with representatives from Statkraft’s organisation to identify the most material aspects for Statkraft.

All aspects of corporate responsibility are important for Statkraft, but the analysis identified the following six aspects as most significant for Statkraft:

  • Safety and safeguarding of people
  • Human rights
  • Water management
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate change mitigation, adaptation and preparedness
  • Business ethics and anti-corruption

The six aspects identified as material will be given a more detailed and comprehensive review that other topics. Ambitions and goals towards 2020 have been prepared for these aspects,  and a status for 2015 is also presented.

Table of ambitions and goals

Verification of corporate responsibility information

Statkraft’s external auditor verifies the Group's corporate responsibility reporting. The auditor's work is based on the ISAE 3000 assurance standard, and the conclusion for the work is set out in the auditor's statement.

Auditors statement