Stakeholder dialogue

Statkraft communicates in an open and active manner with all those affected by our activities. Important partners in this dialogue include the owner, elected officials on all levels, employees, local communities, rights holders, customers, suppliers, local and regional authorities, voluntary organisations and the media.

Dialogue with local communities and host municipalities

Statkraft emphasises a direct and predictable dialogue with all host municipalities. In Norway, annual meetings are held with all host municipalities, where Statkraft provides information about ongoing and coming activities, opening up for discussion about topics important for the individual municipality.

It is particularly important to provide information and ensure transparency in the early stages of development projects. In line with national licensing processes and international guidelines, Statkraft holds open meetings and hearings, providing information about development plans and topics relevant for those affected by the project. Such topics may include expropriation, future job opportunities and environmental impacts resulting from the project.

Dialogue with non-profit organisations

Statkraft participates in several national and international forums for the purpose of discussing and influencing energy policy. These forums include Energy Norway, Eurelectric, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the International Hydropower Association (IHA).

Statkraft also cooperates with non-profit organisations and has cooperation agreements with the Red Cross, environmental organisations such as the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature, Bellona and WWF, in addition to a conference partnership with Zero.