Role in society

Statkraft creates value, both directly and indirectly, in societies where we are present. In 2015, the Group’s economic gross value created amounted to NOK 15 439 million.

  • Economic value creation

    The Group's financial gross value creation amounted to NOK 15 439 million in 2015 (22 312). Values created are distributed to a number of stakeholders, in Norway and abroad.

  • Innovation

    The objectives for Statkraft’s innovation efforts are to develop and strengthen competitive advantages within the core business and develop new business opportunities. Innovation is also important in order to build competence and ensure future framework conditions. Multi-year R&D programmes have been established, closely linked to the Group's strategic focus areas, hydropower, wind power and bio-energy.

  • Stakeholder engagement

    People, local communities and organisations can be directly or indirectly affected by Statkraft's activities. We shall show respect for the local communities, societies and cultures in which we are present in all dialogue with stakeholders. We want to build trust in our company by engaging in open dialogue with stakeholders.

  • Collaboration with NGOs

    Statkraft strives to build synergies through close collaboration with special interest organisations. The main purpose of the partnerships is to draw on each other’s expertise in common fields of work.

  • Social issues and local development

    Statkraft’s power production can have significant impacts on local communities and individuals. Considerable efforts are made to avoid, reduce or mitigate negative impacts and at the same time to enhance direct and indirect benefits and development opportunities for stakeholders. Interventions are a result of consultations with all affected stakeholders in accordance with good international practices and standards, based on International Finance Corporation Performance Standards on Social & Environmental Sustainability and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.