Social issues and local development

Statkraft’s power production can have significant impacts on local communities and individuals. Considerable efforts are made to avoid, reduce or mitigate negative impacts and at the same time to enhance direct and indirect benefits and development opportunities for stakeholders. Interventions are a result of consultations with all affected stakeholders in accordance with good international practices and standards, based on International Finance Corporation Performance Standards on Social & Environmental Sustainability and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

In 2015, the largest social mitigation programs and development initiatives were carried out for Devoll and Cetin projects in the construction phase, focusing on infrastructural improvements and livelihood programs. An ongoing dialogue with local stakeholders and authorities is essential for ensuring cooperation and trust for compensation activities and development programs that offset losses of land, structures and natural resources. Improved market access, higher quality health and educational services and intensification of agricultural production are some of the programs. For the Cheves and Kargi projects, social programs have been initiated for the operational phases, including addressing any outstanding issues.