Statkraft around the world

Since the founding of the company in 1895, Statkraft has developed from a national company, focused on developing Norwegian hydro power resources, into an international company diversifying also into other sources of renewable energy. Today, with a total consolidated power generation of 66 TWh in 2016, Statkraft is the second largest power generator in the Nordics and Europe’s largest supplier of renewable energy.

The Group’s 376 power plants have a total installed capacity of 19 269 MW (Statkraft’s share). Hydropower is still the dominant technology, followed by natural gas and wind power. Most of the installed capacity is in Norway. Statkraft also owns shares in 29 district heating facilities in Norway and Sweden with a total installed capacity of 774 MW.

around the world

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The overview of consolidated plants shows the capacity of the plants that Statkraft fully consolidates in its financial reporting according to IFRS. The difference between consolidated capacity and direct ownership (the pro-rata columns in the table) is mainly due to Statkraft’s investments in the companies BKK, Agder Energi and SN Power, all classified as equity accounted investments according to IFRS.

Power plants

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