Eduardo Fonseca

“The opportunity for fast-paced learning across areas of competence and even geographies is for me extremely motivating.”

Why Statkraft?
I first came across Statkraft during my exchange semester at Stockholm School of Economics. The renewable energy sector has always attracted me, so when a friend told me of a job opening in SN Power back in 2012 I immediately decided to apply. The opportunity to move to Norway and join the Statkraft while gaining exposure to emerging markets was in my view a brilliant challenge.

What are you doing in your current role?

Today I am a member of Statkraft’s Corporate Transactions & Investments team. My job is to conduct valuation analysis for M&A transactions and Greenfield investment opportunities, primarily in Statkraft’s South American countries – Brazil, where I am now based, Chile and Peru. Since I transferred from the Oslo office, about a year ago, most of my time has been dedicated to M&A transactions in Chile and Brazil, with some activity in Peru as well. This year most of my business travelling has been within Brazil, but I also participated in negotiation meetings in Santiago de Chile and had the chance to re-visit Oslo for a few days.

What motivates you?

In my current role I deal directly with people from diverse Statkraft teams, both including Transactions, Technical, Markets, Tax, Accounting and Legal. This ensures that I can both gain experience within my own field of expertise and expand my knowledge into new areas. Only a large multinational, such as Statkraft, allows for this intense exposure to highly specialized professionals. The opportunity for fast-paced learning across areas of competence and even geographies is for me extremely motivating.

What best describes Statkraft?

I would describe Statkraft as a reference within the renewable energy arena, distinguished in particular by its proud history in hydropower, its social responsibility and a corporate identity defined through empowerment and respect for its employees. I recommend it as an ideal employer for those who seek rewarding work with international exposure while at the same time preserving a good work-life balance.