Dr. Konstantin Wiegandt

Windpower plant.

“I am inspired by the international atmosphere created by my colleagues: very well-educated people from all over the world working on the same goal.”

Why Statkraft?
Statkraft captured my attention with it’s vision of providing “pure energy”. For a long time I had been interested in the development of renewable energy, being - as many people in Germany are – a full supporter of the energy transition to a world being 100% powered by renewable energy.

What is your role today?

Today, I work in the Continental Asset Optimization team, where we manage the dispatch of Statkraft’s power plants outside of the Nordics, optimize the forecasting of our renewable energy production - stemming to a large extent wind power - and develop strategies how to best sell the produced power to all available markets, ranging from power exchanges to reserve power production.

How is a typical day at work?

The best thing about my job at Statkraft is, that there is no typical day at work… My work does however consist of two different main parts: on the one hand every day one person of my team is on duty to operatively sell the power production to the markets, these days start rather early, since there are different optimizations to be performed based on scenarios of the expected power prices, availabilities and renewables forecasts. When not being on duty, I do mainly work on the improvement of our “number crunching” serving to get the possible highest value out of Statkraft’s assets, this involves a lot of statistics, programming and mathematics, which fits to my education in theoretical physics very well.

What motivates you?

An important point for me is what we work on at Statkraft, i.e. we actively support  the energy transition to 100% renewable energy in different places around the world. At least as important as this, is the inspiring international atmosphere created by my colleagues: very well-educated people from all over the world working on the same goal. This makes it a fun place to work at.

What best describes Statkraft?

Statkraft’s values extend to the whole organisation in different manners: in addition to simply selling a sustainable product, the HSE policy and Statkraft’s code of conduct make Statkraft a responsible and pleasant place to work at simultaneously. Statkraft’s culture is to take people serious instead of treating them simply as human capital. Last but not least this is reflected by the nice people that work at Statkraft.