Amrendra Kumar

“Statkraft treats its employees like a family.”

Why Statkraft?
The transition from the financial sector to the energy sector allowed me to take on the challenges in the energy markets worldwide and in India in particular. The energy sector is going through a paradigm shift globally, with renewables being one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with immense opportunities ahead. It seemed quite exciting to become an active participant in that change, by joining a market leading company. In addition, Statkraft is both into trading and produces energy from own assets. This provided me with the opportunity to get a broad understanding of not only the financial activities, but the complete economic activities of a company, firm while still applying my core competencies in quantitative modelling, economic theory and trading. Thirdly, the energy landscape in India is highly complex, being extremely socially-sensitive. Improvements are required. In Statkraft, I can contribute to the solution, as our expertise and leading position internationally provide us with the tools to solve the problems. It was a tough decision to join a company almost unknown in India, now I am really happy.

What is your role today?

As a Risk Manager, I am responsible for the measurement, analysis and management of all types of risks in our businesses. My work includes  Independent assessment and evaluation of the Structured deals in our proprietary Trading & Origination portfolio in India, and perform the risk and feasibility assessments. I am also responsible for the tools and methodologies used, I administer the mandate structure related to market activities in India and communicate risks and performance to the management. An important part of my role is to cooperate with the headquarters in Oslo and other European risk units, to developing the risk management methodologies and  practices.

How is a typical day at work?

A typical day starts at 9 am in the morning. Generally, the previous day sets the tone and agenda for the next day. Within the first hours, we get a quick overview of the performance of the trading portfolio and the market analysis team presents a report for the day, giving market snapshots and price forecasts for the day ahead. Then the business requirements for that day and the days ahead are discussed, requests from the origination team are considered and assessments and evaluations are done independently. The working hours normally ends at 5 pm unless some business critical deliverables are required before COB on a day.

What motivates you?

The biggest motivation is finding constructive solutions to safeguard the business in a structurally complex market environment. My formal education in mathematics and economics and my professional  experiences and interests  in finance and trading is put to good test almost every day. This allows me to learn and grow. In addition, I contribute to Statkraft’s ambitions in India. As we all say, ‘power is life’ and this ” life” still eludes many a millions(of which, I used to be one) specially in developing countries like India. Being a part of an organization that intends to sustain itself in providing solutions to such indispensable needs of masses is highly satisfying.     

What best describes Statkraft?

Statkraft treats its employees like a family. Statkraft has a lean and agile approach of generating and creating profits and values, not limited to commercial dimensions. Colleagues are extremely approachable and every now and then we share a generous laughter.