Hilde Bekier-Larssen

A hydropower

“Statkraft is a unique opportunity to work with renewable energy.”

Why Statkraft?
I moved back to Norway after 13 years working abroad to join SN Power in 2008, which in 2014 was integrated into Statkraft. Statkraft is a unique opportunity to work with  renewable energy internationally.

How is a typical day at work?

I do not have a typical day – all days are different. I work closely with the organizations in South America and South Asia, and my day is much defined by the topics that are ongoing in these regions.

What motivates you?

What motivates me is to find good solutions to challenging and varying situations and issues. Particularly, I enjoy working in an international environment.

What best describes Statkraft?

Strong competence and experiences in a wide range of topics and a highly motivated team. Good opportunities to learn and develop. In the part of Statkraft where I work, it is a true international environment.