Martin Gjerde

“Statkraft to me is a solid company that takes good care of its employees.”

Why Statkraft?
Statkraft represented a very good opportunity for me to use my abilities and further strengthen my competencies. From the first contact I made with the company, I was impressed with the professional view Statkraft showed towards all aspects of the work. Also, being part of a company that operates in such an important area as renewable energy triggered my desire to work here.

What are you doing in your current role?

I work as an investment analyst in the Corporate Transaction department. Our department is responsible for valuation and transaction support to all larger transactions in the group. Currently, I am working much with valuations of wind power projects both in Norway and abroad.

How is a typical day at work?

There is no such thing as a typical day I must say. It varies a lot between days full of meetings to sitting concentrated building financial models in Excel.

What motivates you?

Responsibility and challenges motivate me. In Statkraft you get a lot of both!

What best describes Statkraft?

Statkraft to me is a solid company that takes good care of its employees. The company is emphasizing work – life balance and offers excellent opportunities to stay healthy through its sports team “Stabil”.